Kite Festival At Greenwich Point

This is literally a five minue drive from my house. I seriosuly have to pinch myself sometimes because I feel extremely lucky.

Once a year, you are allowed to fly kites at Greenwich Point. In the morning I took Emi to her swimming lesson, and then we picked up Mia and Ten and headed to the beach with our extremely cutting edge CVS Cinderella kite. 😉  

 Ten and Mia got all set up, and then we had to watch other people to see how one goes about actually flying a kite…harder than I thought! Ha.


But eventually we got it up into the air….kind of.


There she goes.


It was perfect weather for kite flying…


…and eating crackers on the beach.



Mia thought she was doing an amazing job by holding the tail of the kite and dragging it in the sand.


I have a feeling we will be at this spot all summer long.


After playing on the beach, we headed to Fuji Mart to pick up lunch. We grabbed a few onigiri, grilled eel, and maki. Ten and I also each got an iced coffee.




Finally, I took Mia downtown to the dentist. She did a great job, and cavity free. Great Saturday.

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