Disney Packing and Hotel Stay

Ok. Here we go. On Thursday, we took Mia to school while we packed for our trip. I read a lot of useful blogs that talked about making goody bags for kids before you go to Disney. I thought that this sounded like such a good and fun idea. So, I packed these in our carry on to have for when we checked in to the hotel.

Mia’s bag included 2 t-shirts, pajamas, some stickers and activity books to keep her busy ar restaurants, sunglasses, and a litle Minnie Mouse.

Pretty much the same for Emi plus a hat since she needed one for the trip and summer in general.

Ten also got two Disney shirts along with a Babe Ruth shirt.

Shirts for myself along with a new hat. Yes, I’m sorry Grandma….and my fellow Missourians….I totally rock a Yankees shirt. I have married into the team if you know what I mean. My first loyalty goes to the Cardinals, but I also support the Yankees.

Anyway, when Mia got out of school, she had a light lunch and then we loaded up the car. We quickly swung by the town hall and registered Mia for soccer and then drove to the airport. The airport is only 40 min from us, but we decided to stay at an airport hotel for the night. Mia and Ten get very bad motion sickness, and we honestly didn’t want to wake up early in the mornig, so we stayed at a hotel. We parked our car at the Mariott and then went and checked in.

The hotel was nice and clean, and they had an area where you could check into your flight as well. Very convenient.

We had a really awesome view of the runway. Mia and Emi both loved watching the planes take off, and surprisingly it wasn’t all that loud.

Mia just cracks me up. She claimed this bed as soon as we walked into the room. She got under the covers and opened up her little bag full of snacks. Just made herself right at home.

Emi was also excited to stay at the hotel. She loved walking back and forth through the room and looking at herself in the bathroom mirror.

For dinner, we ordered a pizza and had some jasmine tea that we had brought with us from home. Then we a showered and headed to bed.

End of Day 1

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