Easter 2015

We are back from vacation, and we haven’t missed a beat. We jumped right back into play dates, classes, and home improvement projects. We definitely didn’t have that relaxing type of beach vacation. It was just a non stop, let the kids have as much fun as they can type of vacation. It definitely made me appreciate the days that we spent doing nothing on the beaches of Bali and Greece! Anyway, I digress.

So, I will definitely post our Disney trip…but first. Emi had her first official play date in a beautiful house. A converted horse stable, really just gorgeous. One thing I love about living in Greenwich is seeing all of the beautiful homes. While they may not be how we would choose to live, it is so nice to just see and get ideas for when we renovate our house in a few years.


Mia had also had several play dates. We even got to go to the park one day because it had temporarily stopped raining and/or snowing.

Fast forwarding to Easter, I decided to invite a few of the families from Mia’s school over to dye Easter eggs. The day before I boiled 36 eggs and got the house tidied up. The next day we had 4 preschoolers, 2 elementary school kids, one baby, and 4 moms over. Oh my….chaos. Everyone had a nice time, and we were so happy to host….but I was so tired after and took an awesome nap when they all left.


While we did make sure that Emi had a chance to color eggs with everyone, after our guests left we let her do a few more peacefully. She just loved it so much.



Mia also wanted to sit down and do some more decorating, so she added stickers to the eggs she had made earlier. Really nice way to enjoy time just together doing Easter activities.


Finally, the girls went to bed and the Easter Bunny got to work. I always hesitate to share this kind of picture….but here I do want to show that you can use holidays wisely. First, the girls each got a book from their aunt and uncle. I also found a few Easter books that we had stored away, so the girls didn’t remember that we even had them. Mia also got a soccer ball that she needs for soccer this spring. We got this free by using Swagbucks. I purchased some spring clothes that they needed during a great sale, used a gift card I received for Christmas to buy a few toys. The Easter baskets were from last year as well as the plastic eggs and grass….so it looks like a lot when indeed a lot of it was reused, or free! 

They were both really happy in the morning. Mia said that the Easter Bunny had hopped down the chimney to bring her basket. I laughed so hard when she said that.


After going through our baskets, we made resurrection rolls. These taste great and are just so much fun to do. This year Mia really wanted to know where the marshmallow disappeared to.



  Anytime the girls eat anything really well, Ten and I get so happy. I’m sure any parent of young children can relate….and they really loved these rolls.   

Finally, Easter dinner. I think every year I get lazier with homemade  dinners. Precooked ham, rolls, deviled eggs, asparagus, and some other veggies. Simple but good and everyone ate it, so victory.


We even had pre-made dessert.  I loved not having to cook a ton honestly. 


So, there it is. Our Easter documented for time and all eternity. You are so very welcome.


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