Oh my! We are just swamped here. Today, I just have about a mountain of things to tackle. First and foremost, I NEED to go get the girls some shoes and clothes for our trip tomorrow. I also need to clean out my fridge and get rid of all of the garbage bags in my house as well as grocery shop for our Thursday road trip to the city. Finally, packing and some emails to send/admin things to catch up on. All of this on top of being sick! I so hope we all get well very soon!

We also have lots of house things we need to do like hire a gardener. I seriously have no idea who is good, etc. But, we seriously need Mr. Gardener. I was fighting this for a long time because it just sounds really privileged and uppity to have a gardener, but seriously….I don’t know the first thing about yard maintenance, trees, flowers, etc. Also, if I’m completely honest…I don’t have the time or interest to learn about it right now…maybe in the future..but not right now…so, yes, gardener…you will be hired.

Anyway, everyone wish us luck to get done everything we need to in order to have a really great trip. We all really deserve and need it. That is for sure. With that being said, I will be taking a leave of absence from my blog for just over a week. I promise I am not disappearing again. I just don’t want to be attached to a screen on our vacation. I may update while we are away, but probably not. The girls still take naps, but I may need a nap too!

We hope everyone has a great week/weekend. Also, if you have any tips for Disney World, please let me know!

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