St Patrick’s Day 2015

This year I had lots of St. Patrick’s Day spirit. I just decided that it is an American holiday, and we do have Irish in our family line…and I like green…so, why not? We didn’t do much in terms of decorating for it, but we did hang up a little window cling, and we started to make hats….but then a horrible stomach bug hit, and everything got derailed. I would say we just barely survived St. Patrick’s Day 2015….it was that bad.

Anyway, we started out strong.

We ended up scrapping a lot of my craft ideas, and we didn’t have any sort of proper dinner for the holiday. It would have been left uneaten since no one could keep much food down, but we still managed to do a few things. We built a leprechaun trap and watched a Veggie Tales episode about St. Patrick (which was slightly offensive actually). Yep, mission celebrate St. Patrick’s Day…complete enough.

After the girls went to bed, I forced myself to get up and put up some streamers and green balloons. I also put out the some shamrock cookies and T-shirts left behind by the leprachaun.


Mia immediately noticed the gold stickers missing from the window and the words being all scrambled.

Mia was extremely cautious when opening the trap. She looked almost scared…no wonder kids have nightmares…haha


The look on Emi’s face! I loved her reaction. She clearly was disturbed that someone had invaded her home at night.


After the girls checking out the damage done overnight, they got all dolled up in their shirts. Mia later informed me that her shirt should have been all green. :/

Random side note…we received a box of books from Japan today. Surprises are the best.

There you have it. Our St. Patrick’s Day. Mia went off to school while Ten and I struggled through the morning until naptime. Maybe next year we will get to do a little bit of a better job, but I truly think we did just fine.

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