Bits and Pieces

We have been so busy, and everyone is just working very hard here. I personally want to pat myself on the back for booking our hotel and parking for the night before we fly out for Disney, finishing our federal and two state income tax filings, making an appointment to fix our leaky tire, and making a good dent in the decluttering department.

For the rest of the week, I plan on finalizing our trip itinerary, packing for vacation, fixing said leaky tire, having the remainder of our heating oil delivered, and then of course the normal (a music class on Wed, preschool and swimming on Thursday, and a playdate that I host every Friday with a very lovely Japanese mom and her son (and sometimes other children)).

I have kind of almost just given up on to do lists all together really. I just have about zero time for them. My new mantra is just “work hard” and just get things done. I have started setting just one task I want to get done every day along with the regular things (homeschool, basic cleaning, and cooking). It’s been working pretty well. It gives me almost no excuse to procrastinate because most people can manage to get at least one task done each day. I’ve also not been allowing myself to stay up any later than  midnight, and I actually take a  nap if I feel I need it during the day when the girls do, and I am down to only two cups (max) of coffee per day. All of this is slowly building my energy. So nice.

Anyway, this post is getting out of hand…so here is a random photo dump of what we have been doing over the last week/weekend.

First, the girls are celebrating Mardis Gras in their music classes. I know, we are way past that. However, they have had so many classes cancelled due to snow…that is just where we are right now. It’s fun though. Colorful beads and playing the washboard don’t really need a special day.

We spent one evening making chocolate covered bananas while listening to the Banana Boat song and reading Curious George. Mia loved getting to cut with the knife.

We got another massive amount of snow. It was extremely pretty, and we had a really nice day just watching it snow. I kind of think that I instinctively knew it was going to be our last snow. It made me almost like winter again.

Pictured above, Emi is still getting used to swimming. I wish we could find a warm pool that had a decent class. Severely lacking here. Also, today we got outside for a full hour to enjoy the nice weather. I can’t wait to be able to go to the parks again!!

Anyway, hope everyone has a lovely Thursday 🙂

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