Hina Matsuri 2015

This year we had a very low key Hina Matsuri. We didn’t do lots of arts and crafts at home because Emi is just really young, and Mia got to do some amazing things at her school. They had professional storytellers come in and do puppet shows and other traditional Japanese things for the celebration. It just took such a load off of us at home to not have to do everything ourselves.

However, we did take the time to set out our dolls. Also, some friend’s of ours gave us some Hina Arare. In all honesty, Mia didn’t care for the Hina Arare, she said it was too sweet….seems absolutely crazy since US sweets are ridiculous in sugar content…but they are really sweet, so now we have one unopened bag sitting in the pantry that I hate to trash, but am not sure what to do with.

Anyway, back to what we did. We only have the two dolls, but that is just fine with us as we would have no space for the full set, and these were once Ten’s mom’s when she was a girl. I love that.

When I picked Mia up from school, I decided at the last minute to stop at McDonald’s and pick up Happy Meals for the girls. You would be surprised how much of a Happy Meal Emi can eat! Anyway, we thought about taking them to a special dinner, but “special” to an almost 3 and almost 1 year old is much different than what we would choose. The day is for them though, so they really enjoyed their lunch. Facetime with dad and cheeseburgers.

Also, when I opened up Mia’s book bag, this was inside. I think she did a great job making the Emperor and Princess…really pretty, and we hung it up on the wall immediately. Mia wasn’t thrilled though since I took down a St. Patrick’s Day sign to display her work instead…haha. Oops just realized that I chose a very blurry picture…sorry, but you get the point.

We also had a “special dessert” that night. Once again, just something to make it a little special for them.

Now, for some photos of the girls with their dolls….Let’s see if we got one where they were both looking at the camera.

Love them! Anyway, very low key day. Mia’s school did a great job with it, so we didn’t have pressure to go crazy. I think I would like to get them all dressed up one year and get pictures done…but for now, this was pretty perfect.

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