The Weekend is Here!

You know….I have nothing exciting to blog about really, so here are just a few random things that have been going on.

  • The Dress. Yes, I just mentioned it. This thing just messes with my mind so hard. I cannot see a blue and black dress to save my life. I saw the picture of the dress on the store website, and it is clearly blue and black….but that photo…that photo.
  • Moving on, Emi has Roseola. This has caused us to cancel every single play date and activity for going on two weeks now. The rash, that isn’t supposed to bother kids, makes my children terribly irritable, but I am secretly doing a happy dance that we don’t have to wake up for swim class tomorrow. I bet Emi is too! She is definitely more of a climber and jumper than a swimmer.
  • One of the newest things that I am into right now is self-care. Yes, this is probably one of those trendy things, but I have just begun to realize how important it is. I have started to take time a few times a week to do things that I enjoy and do only for me. It helps my mood an incredible amount. However, I’m totally not into doing things that eat into my family time, so I usually do things while the girls are sleeping (blogging, painting, reading, etc).
  • Also, I feel that I have conquered the world. I officially have everything we need to celebrate Hina Matsuri, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and have Disney mostly organized. I still have tons to do, but I have made some wonderful progress on all of these things.
  • Oh yes, we are going to Disney for 6 glorious nights. I CANNOT wait. I also have a little surprise in store for Ten and the girls when we get there. I really hope to document our time there much better.
  • Ten said that he kind of misses the time that we spent in London. I did some Tarot card reading thing online (so must be accurate) that said my main personality trait is wanderlust. TRUTH. THESE ARE SIGNS!
  • Third baby. It’s a discussion. Ten would love to have like 700 more kids. I would be happy to have said kids, if I did not have to have weekly injections…a million doctor visits….and this time around….an induction in all likelihood. We shall see…we shall see.

Anyway, seems to be a reasonable stopping point. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. I’m in the mood for some much needed outdoor time and am trying to think how to make that happen, but will probably be stuck inside (either home or elsewhere). Come on Spring!

Also, a photo of Mia…to keep it even.

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