I should get a huge pat on the back for this. I am actually sitting down and blogging, and it feels good. I haven’t blogged for two months now, and it has been such a struggle. I constantly go back and forth with it. Should I give up on this whole thing? Should I continue? Well, the thing is… I think about it all the time, so that clearly means it is something that I enjoy doing and worry about when I don’t do it.

So, here we are. I have barely posted any updates on Emi, and I have completely just dropped the ball on documenting our daily lives. Life just got busy, and it was impossible to keep up with it. However, let’s do a little rundown and act like being M.I.A. never happened.

  • Mia is 90% potty trained and now sleeping in her own bed. While I can’t say that being potty trained has made life any easier, the sleeping in her own bed thing has been AMAZING. We are totally into co-sleeping and loved it while it lasted, but one day Mia decided that she was over it for now. She said, “I want to sleep in a kid’s bed.” I talked it over with Ten, and we ordered one almost immediately. We set it up in our room and decorated her little corner in Finding Nemo, and she has been sleeping there ever since. I cannot tell you how much better we all sleep, and the transition was so, so easy. Now, we will see how long it takes for her to want to move into her own room. No rush though.
  • In other amazing news, I actually finished reading  a book. It was Standing for Something by Gordon B. Hinkley, and it was such an uplifting and true read. I totally recommend it. I so struggle with putting great concepts into practice though. Any advice?
  • On that note, mother you will be receiving a copy of the Book of Mormon in the mail sometime in the near future. You are very welcome! Ha!
  • I hate winter. Well, that may be extreme, but we have had SIX weeks of snowstorms. Nothing about this “winter wonderland” has been very pretty. We just have a couple of feet, in some places, of dirty snow. It is cold and icy, and we don’t have anywhere to go. It was colder in Greenwich than in Alaska the other day, and that is just depressing. I am celebrating hard on the first day of Spring….like seriously.
  • I’m a hobbyist now. I don’t exactly know what that means….but it’s true. You’ll see.
  • Finally, I’m pretty sure my hometown is Tokyo. This really smart girl once told me that Tokyo was where I was growing up since it was where I had my first real job, got married, had a baby, etc. She was completely right. I still miss it every single day. I told Ten the goal was to move back. I’m surprised he didn’t slap me right then and there since we just bought a house and all….but you know….love keeping our options open. A friend visited Japan and said she didn’t like it….and I was totally offended. I AM CRAZY. Why do I care? Because I love my hometown. Also, do they sell corn flavored tea?? She said they were selling it in a vending machine, but I’m pretty sure it was just soup. Would love to know.


I leave you with these…which have nothing to do with this blog post. 

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