My thoughts on blogging….

Blogging recently has been a struggle. I guess I’ve just been really turned off from the whole thing for a whole host of reasons. I’ve realized that reading other blogs has added some undesirable influences into my life.

1. Consumption. The amount of things that people buy and post for the world to see kind of disturbs me. I realized that it was having an effect on me personally just very recently. I was trying to figure out what I wanted for Christmas, and I was skimming through a blog where the author had just bought boatloads of cosmetics. I was like…hmmm…that may be a good gift…but then I had an introspective moment and realized I didn’t want or need that stuff. I was being manipulated into wanting more. At that moment, I decided to have Ten get me nothing for Christmas. I don’t need anything. Also, if Ten has to spend time away from home to earn money for useless cosmetics (or whatever else) then I don’t want it.

2. Perfectionism. We are the perfect family. I am the perfect homemaker. My kids are the best at everything they do. These are all pretty much lies that people like to publish….and this type of stuff is all over social media. I never ever want people to believe we are a perfect family. We have days (at least once a week) where the house looks like a tornado hit it. We are human, and how do you realistically portray that in social media.

3. Bragging. We can afford to take a trip here. We can send our kids to these programs. We like to go to these restaurants. I’m just not into making other people feel bad. I can honestly say that I want no part in making others feel like less because of what we do or don’t do in our house. Just not my style at all. I don’t think this is the intention of a lot of bloggers, at least I hope it isn’t, but in happens.

Anyway, these are my feelings on the whole thing right now. After a lot of thought though I’ve decided to keep blogging. I want to have a scrapbook of what our family does.

I just ask that if things ever feel to fake, someone will call me out on it. Or, I hope you will just stop reading all together.

In a semi unrelated tangent, I feel like 30 has been a wonderful year for introspection. I have just loads of things running through my mind and things that are actually getting worked out up there. Beautiful stuff.

Anyway, I am now back to at least sporadically blogging. Look for a proper update soon. Like tomorrow because we have seriously been up to a ton.

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