October Goals

Do you make goals each month? I kind of do but want to be more consistent with it. Here is what I’m planning on doing this month.


October is my month to start keeping a consistent cleaning schedule. It isn’t a very detailed list but I’m hoping this helps me stay on top of things a bit better.

Daily Tasks: Straighten Up, pick up toys, do dishes, wipe surfaces, sweep

Weekly: Vacuum, clean toilet, mop floors, laundry, fold clothes, wipe down refrigerator, change sheets, menu planning, and grocery shopping

Bi-weekly: dusting and scrubbing down bathroom

Monthly: deep cleaning of fridge, cleaning down tables and chairs, organizing project, scrub kitchen

Family Activities
Attend Old Greenwich Pumpkin Patch
Check out the sail boat regatta
Trick or treating
Go to the stamford nature museum or aquarium

Work on Sonlight Curriculum every day
Make homemade Halloween decorations
Attend all lessons/classes
Spend time every day playing whatever game/toy the girls want to play with
Make stepping stones
Weekly park trips

Pack lunches every day
Spend $120 per week on groceries
Put things we want/need on a list and wait a few days before purchasing (note I do have some things on their way here, so they will arrive in October though not purchased this month)
No new toys
No kids snacks until we run out

Drink more water
Get into habit of working out again
Spend 30 min a day organizing my thoughts
Finish 10 chapters of study guide from Women Living Well book

Send off a baby shower gift
Try to have Mia and Emi bathed and fed before Ten gets home so he has more time in the evening
Offer pregnant friend help since she has no family here.
Catch up Emi’s baby book
Recognize 3 important birthdays that are coming up this month

According to Proverbs 31:27, a godly wife “looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.”  I’m going to try to meditate on this all month long.

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