Emi’s First Swimming Lesson

After some searching, we have happily started swimming lessons for Emi. We decided to try the lessons at Chelsea Piers here in Connecticut.

So now every Saturday morning, daddy and Emi will get to spend some quality time together. It is such a precious time since Ten loves swimming. He did it as a kid (because of the heart problems that he has/had), and he loves getting to see his girls doing it.


We are happy to report that Emi loves it. The instructor commented to me that she was such a good baby. She didn’t cry once. There were lots of smiles all around.


Emi even went under the water twice!! She was also very comfortable floating on her back. By the looks of it, we will be continuing with swim classes for her.


As for the class itself, we are totally not impressed and will be finding something else once this session is finished. It is literally a pool and you splash around with 12 other parents and babies. No structure, not much of anything really. An instructor just comes by and sees how everyone is doing….not worth the money if you know what I mean. In fact, I would never recommend this class to anyone. Luckily Ten knows lots of activities to do with Emi in the water.


Here is Emi floating on her back. Getting chunky she is. I love chunky babies. Also, of course Ten decided to swim on the other side of the pool with her….so pics are a bit blurry.



Mia and I just hung out on the benches and sang songs while Emi and Ten swam. Really a nice Saturday morning.

Mia was so sad when we were leaving. She just kept saying “Mia’s turn, Mia’s turn.” Poor girl.

However, we were headed to her swim class that afternoon….so she perked right up when she heard that.

We are signing off with a picture of a “Mia Shark.” Mia shark was extremely patient watching her sister swim and deserves her own little cameo.


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