Emi is 5 months

Oh Emi,

You have had a very busy past two months! We have packed up and moved and are now at your “forever home.” At least for a good long while we hope.

You are amazingly strong for a 5 month old. Not even the doctor believed everything that you can do!! You are able to crawl, sit up on your own, and even stand!! You can pull yourself up on just about anything. It is amazing to see and hilarious at the same time because you are such a little thing to be doing all that you do! This morning I caught you only holding on to a chair with one hand and standing. I just want to say….slow down!! You have plenty of time to catch up to your big sister.



Let’s talk about you and your big sister. Oh how you love each other. She wants to share ALMOST everything with you. She loves to give you tattoos and share her toys with you. However, she definitely doesn’t appreciate it when you try to eat her food. Emi, you are always trying to get into her food. Just last night, I had to pry spaghetti out of your hands. You just want to keep up with Mia so badly.


I am just so excited to see what kind of little person you will grow into. You are an unpredictable mix of adventure and sensitivity. At some times, you will crawl all around and want to check out everything. At other times, you just want to be held and held. You definitely keep us guessing, and we love every minute of it.


Now that you are five months old, we are trying to give you a little bit more of your own time separate from your sister. You are starting your own little classes with your own little friends, but nothing makes you happier than when you see your big sister. The smile that spreads across your face is just the sweetest thing I have ever seen.


Favorite toys right now: spoons, paper, balls, and cords. I seriously cannot get you to play with baby toys for the life of me. Your dad thought I was a bit nuts when he asked me to get you something to play with and I gave you some clean diapers. You just don’t have much interest in babyish things.


Emi, we are so happy that you are with us. We love playing with you, holding you, and chasing you around the house.


Love you to the moon and back,
Mommy, Daddy, and Mia

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