Binney Park and the Beginning of Fall

Oh September. You have been kind to us. We have had just the right mix of days where you want to stay inside and cuddled up with those days when you can go outside and just enjoy the weather and whatever adventures that you can find.

And Binney Park. This place is picturesque. We spent the day running around outside and collecting nearly every acorn that we could find. Perfect morning really.


We headed over to where the ducks are usually hiding out, so that we could try to lure them to us with our bread (whole wheat of course). And you know what…Mia was finally able to throw the bread far enough to actually feed the ducks rather than fertilize the banks of the pond with it! It was so exciting to see her finally get to feed them on her own. She was just over the moon with it, and of course we ran out of bread far too soon. I’m thinking we need to bring a whole loaf next time….too much maybe?


Ducks have awesome camouflage.


And then we decided to wander further down the walking path….because Mia wanted to feed the fish. Mind you we had already finished up our bread.


So Mia decided that she would feed them acorns. I don’t think they appreciated it, but she was just really enthusiastic about the whole thing…so we went with it. And then she started singing “Donguri Korokoro,” and then I kind of understood why she was trying to feed the fish acorns. It was just an awesome day to usher in the fall.


Finally, Mia’s centerpiece. She seriously put this together on her own, and I thought it was completely perfect. We had two pumpkins picked out, but she totally insisted on one. Spot on.


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