Greetings from Greenwich, CT

Can I just start off with saying that Connecticut is one cold B. I mean I thought that New York was cold, but I was wrong….Connecticut wins. Anywho, first impressions of our new location? I love it here. I mean people are a bit overly obsessed with sailboats, clam bakes, and the beach…but I’m not going to lie…our new town is pretty amazing. Though I’m not too sure that the neighbors can convince me that winter walks along the beach are really nice. My Midwestern bones tell me that we are supposed to stay inside and watch movies during those times…haha.

Anyway, what have we been up to for the past month and a half…sit back…and take a gander at this quick rundown….or totally skip it and hope a more well thought out post will follow soon.

*Mia started preschool! This school drives me completely insane with the amount of emails they send and how they make everything overly complicated. I mean just about every tiny decision, but Mia is having a great time there twice a week. We are hoping that her Japanese will start to catch up to her English now!

*I am the “class mother” or the “home room mother” for Mia’s class. Talk about a challenge since none of the other moms speak English, and the teachers are Japanese, and well I’m sure you get the idea. Hasn’t been easy that is for sure, but no one else was willing to take the job, so I stepped up. Thanks Ten for ghost writing my Japanese emails…shhh.

*We have removed all asbestos, mold, radon and everything else from our house, so now we might be able to finish unpacking and settle in for the winter.

*Emi is officially the troublemaker of the family. Not really, but she is just super active. She is 5 months and she can sit up on her own, crawl, and pull up on things….talk about an active girl. She will be getting her own post soon enough!

*We signed Mia and Emi up for music lessons and both girls will be doing swim lessons. Mia is actually taking private swim lessons for the time being because….and this is crazy and embarrassing actually….she is too advanced for the local swim classes here. She is 2, and swims too well for their 2-5 year old classes….but can’t be put on the swim team (obviously), so we had no option except for private lessons. We actually don’t like her doing privates, but it is a stop gap until we can get it all worked out and find a place for her somewhere.

*We love the library here! Seriously, 3 different English story times for Mia and Emi, 2 Japanese story times, and 1 music class….and these are all FREE. Love it…and not overcrowded like in Manhattan.

* I am getting a home gym!!!! I am so excited about it. So much more excited than anything we have had to buy over these past few months. Ten sent me an email saying my weight projectory wasn’t looking good and though I had a baby 5 months ago that excuse wasn’t going to last long…hahaha. We also know that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to go to the gym since we don’t use babysitters and he is gone from about 7 am to 8 pm…, he decided to get me gym grade equipment and this weekend we are cleaning up the basement to put in our mini gym. I seriously cannot wait and hope to give you an update soon!

*Our house is bare! I mean we have not a single thing hanging on the walls. I just want to make sure we absolutely love whatever is going to be brought in here and avoid buying things that we will want to replace soon. So, it may be a while before you see any of the pics from our house.

*We have been busy but still trying to squeeze in fun. We have so far been apple picking (It was Mia’s school field trip, but we decided to all just drive up together), visited an animal farm and farmer’s market in Stamford (with a free pass from our library), went on a nature hike (for like 3 minutes before we decided we didn’t like real nature hikes and would prefer something with fewer bugs), had an afternoon out at Bruce Park (where there is a pirate ship), and lots of trips out to feed turtles and ducks.

Note: All of these laid back things are extremely nice, but I’m so itching for a taste of the city….and I have threatened Ten with an impromptu visit to the city to visit him at work…hahaha….like seriously thinking this needs to happen….


Anyway, I hope I have kind of covered the basics of where we have been and what we have been doing. I feel like we are getting our schedules worked out and getting settled in a little bit more. I give it another month until we finally get back to zero and can start making improvements on the house, schedules, regular family trips out and about, etc. Finally, this is not a proofread post, so don’t judge.


I leave you with a few pictures as well as this link. Enjoy.





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