This summer we tried something new. We signed Mia up for ballet. I envisioned little girls standing at a bar following their teacher’s instruction and looking adorable.


Now, some of that has happened, but let me just be honest with you. Ballet with 2 year olds is 100% pure chaos. I mean utter chaos. It is literally like being in a room with 8 little wild animals that are just bouncing off of the walls. I swear my blood pressure is through the roof for a majority of the 45 minutes, but I just try to sit back and enjoy it. The teacher assures us that her yelling French words while the girls run around like lunatics is beneficial for their development as dancers…In my honest opinion, I HIGHLY doubt it.

But then again, there are moments…small slices of time…nanoseconds….where the girls are actually following what the teacher says, and it then becomes the most beautiful little class you have ever seen.


They practice their stretching on the floor. Here we are gracefully painting a rainbow.


We dance around the room with our little fairies. This is always a hit with the girls.


Sometimes we get to wear tiaras and pretend to be Cinderella and dance around with flowers.



Here Mia is just landing from an oh so fancy leap. She loves jumping and bouncing around. It may be one of her favorite parts of the class.


We look in the big mirrors and admire just how cute we really are.


Overall, I am so glad that we were able to have this experience this summer. I think it gave Mia a chance to be a bit little girly for a change, but for all of you thinking about signing up your toddler for ballet…I highly suggest waiting a year or two.

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