Oh August. I kind of love August. I say this about almost every month, and it is pretty much true. Every month has something new and exciting to appreciate. This month is the start of a lot of new things for us.

I am entering a new year in my life. I turned 30 on July 30th, and you know what…I am looking forward to being 30. I foresee lots of good things happening this year. It mainly all revolves around us becoming homeowners. We actually bought a house! We are also moving to the suburbs after nearly 10 years of living in two megalopolises…well 3 if you count the time we spent in Europe.

I will admit though that I am a bit terrified of the town we are moving too. Greenwich, CT isn’t exactly known for being a laid back kind of place. There are yachts and mansions and Junior League, and I just have no clue where we fit in with all of that. However, they do have a huge Japanese community, a train that can get us to NYC in an hour, a white sand beach, and great schools. So, those are all things that I love about our soon to be new home. As for the Junior League ladies, well we will just deal with them as they come. I have a wonderfully optimistic view of us getting along smashingly.

This year I have so many aspirations. I want to read books, volunteer, have an intentional home, take care of myself….just oh so many things. Can it all be done? Absolutely, I know that I just have to be willing to put in the work. Laziness is always lurking behind corners calling my name, so I really need to figure out some sort of system to keep it at bay. I imagine it involves lots of pretty lists and calendars.

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