Emi at 3 months

Dear Emi,

Happy 3 months! Emi, you are such a character. Let me tell you, you make your presence KNOWN. You are just plain loud. It is pretty hilarious how you babble so loudly it almost sounds like you are unhappy. If it weren’t for the smile on your face, we would think you were miserable all of the time. Ha!


Our little princess.

This past month you have officially rolled over from your back to your tummy! You are always on your tummy now. You love being in the living room on your tummy, and I can almost always guarantee that is how we will find you when we wake up in the mornings.


You also love sleeping with the blanket over your head. I mean you are fully covered. The first few times it pretty much terrified me to see you sleeping like that. Breathable blankets are our best friends right now.



You don’t like the carrier. You will tolerate it for a little while or if you are really tired, but generally you want nothing to do with it. You would much rather be on the floor and moving around. I don’t blame you!


Emi, your sister loves you so, so much. Mia wants you to go to all of her classes with her, and when she wakes up in the morning she immediately asks where you are. I hope that your relationship with her will continue to grow and you will be best friends. There is nothing in this world like a sister.


I will go ahead and apologize for a couple of little incidents though. Mia may have tried to feed you Fruit Loops and ride you like a horse. You actually didn’t seem to mind and were giving her big smiles. I can see we are going to have our hands full!


We can’t wait to watch you achieve more milestones and get to know you even more. 🙂



Mom, Dad, and Mia






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