Swimming Promotion

This is pretty exciting/scary news. Mia was promoted to the next level in swimming!! This is a pretty huge deal everyone, and I am not just saying so because I am her mama. Mia’s current swim class goes from ages 15 months to 3 years old. She was advanced to this class a few months earlier than the age requirement, but it wasn’t too big of a deal because Ten was in the water with her. Well over the past few classes, Mia has really improved her floating skills. She can also grab rings under the water, and hold her breath to touch the bottom of the pool. She can do everything and more that her current class requires. So, her swim teachers decided that it was definitely time for her to move up to the next level. At the next level, she is without daddy. That is right, she is in the water on her own…no life jacket, no swimmies….just her and the teacher working on swimming skills. She is only 2 and 2 months, so really young. Are we proud? Absolutely. Are we bragging a little? Of course.

It wasn’t like we just blindly agreed to let her join the class though. Ten and I sat down and thought it out. His logic was that it would be great for her to join a more advanced class now rather than move to a higher level after we move….and you know…he is right. He also guaranteed that he would pay very close attention to her on the pool deck. There are lifeguards on duty of course, but we were just a bit worried about her being left to sit in the water by herself while the instructor is working with her other classmates (there are 4 in a group). I also called the school during the week and chatted with the staff. They assured me that they absolutely thought that she should advance and that they wouldn’t promote her if they didn’t think she could do it. Okay, so we were all on the same page, so Sunday July 7 Mia moved up to the class where she is on her own. The other parents were pretty shocked when they saw her going to the “big kids’ class”. The best part is, she did an absolutely amazing job! She wasn’t scared in the least. She basically listened to her teachers, and she didn’t cry for Ten to get into the water with her. Such a relief. Now…are you ready? For the pictures? Here we go.


Warming up at the beginning of class by blowing bubbles in the water.


And they are off. Time to practice moving those arms and legs.


This is new to this class. She is basically holding herself up with these and working on kicking in the water.


Working on learning how to kick while floating on her back. Mia cam already float on her own, but this will help her to learn how to float and kick.


A bit of floating practice. The instructor supports their head before letting them go on their own. Very gentle class.


Waiting and splashing around while the teacher works with her classmate.


Mia looking up at the lifeguard. The lifeguards are pretty stern and serious about not letting the kids get too crazy in the water. This is actually really great considering the kids don’t wear any type of floating device.


More swimming around with her instructor.


Anyway, Mia is involved in a lot of sports and activities, and she does really well at all of them. However, she especially loves swimming and does such a great job in the water. We are so happy that she was promoted to the next level. I mean a whole year early is something to be proud of. Great job Mia!

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