4th of July Weekend 2014

Fourth of July was pretty spontaneous here in these parts. The weekend before we had this conversation:

Ten: “What are we doing for the 4th?”

Me: “Hmm….nothing.”

Ten: “Really?”

Me: “yeah”

I mean we weren’t going to see the fireworks this year since they moved them to the East Side, and Mia and Emi are just too little to drag down there. So, we were just going to hang out at home. Then July 2nd rolled around, and we were both like…we need to get out of the city. Yes, there was a hurricane coming, but we decided it would be way more fun to be stuck in a hotel with a pool than in our apartment.

So, we thought a little bit about it and decided to head to Greenwich, Connecticut. Lots of people go there for weekend getaways, and it isn’t too far by train. This was really important since Mia has been getting major motion sickness recently. So, we waited for a break in the weather on the 3rd and as soon as it looked like the skies were clear enough to travel, I booked two nights at the Hyatt in Old Greenwich. One night was free with our points, and we got a really great price for the second.

Anyway, and now for the massive photo dump of our trip.



I asked Mia if she wanted to go to a hotel for the weekend with a swimming pool. She immediately ran and grabbed her Totoro hat and jumped in the stroller. Apparently, we don’t need clothes for these types of outings.


On the train. Super excited to be escaping for a few days. No classes, no work, no cooking, no cleaning.

We were able to catch the shuttle from Old Greenwich station and arrived at the hotel a few minutes later. I think the whole trip took maybe an hour and half, so not too bad.


Arriving in the room and unpacking. Getting settled. It was around this time that we realized that Mia’s swimsuit wasn’t packed. Oops! We did have swim bottoms though, so we made it work.


We had a king bed for the three of us to sleep in, and we requested a crib for Emi. In all reality, we all ended up in the bed every night.


Small entrance area to the room. I always like it when there is a place to store our stroller and shoes. A barrier to the outside and where we sleep. Just makes things feel a bit cleaner.



Bathroom was a good size and nice and clean.


The view from our room. The hotel had a really nice and relaxing atrium. I should have gotten some more pictures 😦

The first night that we were there we arrived a little bit late in the evening, so we ran over to a shopping center and grabbed some Subway. We got back to the hotel at just about the time the storm rolled in.


Mia and Emi hanging out on the bed. Mia finishing up her personal pan cheese pizza. She didn’t eat it all, so we all had a small piece for breakfast the next day.

The next day (on the 4th), it rained and rained and rained some more. Hurrican Arthur was in full force, so we definitely didn’t head out at all. I think Ten went out once to grab some food. Me and the girls ran up and down hallways, found other kids to play with, and spent a decent amount of time banging on the hotel’s piano. Ten may have also bought a small Buzz and Woody for Mia to play with since we had brought no toys with us. We just didn’t have the space, but after using up diapers and things, Buzz and Woody weren’t hard to carry back home with us.

Friday, we spent lots of time at the hotel pool and me and Ten took separate turns watching the girls and going to the gym.



Spa time.


Playing in the “big bubbles” as Mia called it.



Hanging out in the atrium looking at the water fountains and indoor stream. Very nice.



Swimming in the pool and playing with beach balls. We were going to let Emi get in, but we thought the chlorine just smelled way too strong for her skin.


They have so much fun together in the pool.


I didn’t want to leave Emi out of this post, but this is basically what she was doing most of the time. Sleeping in the carrier…harder than I imagined taking a picture of her while she was strapped in.

Like I said, the weather was pretty terrible on Friday, so we ended up spending quite a bit of time in the room as well.


Mia in the zoo. She was seriously pretty content to hang out in the baby jail as well call these things.


For dinner that night, we just grabbed some things from the supermarket. Ten and I had these huge meaty sandwiches (God bless the USA), and Mia had mac and cheese and fried rice….balanced dinner I know.


Ten and I were really just relaxing while watching the Yankees game. The TV stand was kind of like our command center. Water, diapers, and Takis….everything you need for a rainy day.


Saturday was our last day in Old Greenwich. We had to be back in Manhattan that night so that everyone could rest up for Mia’s swim class on Sunday (which was a really big deal and another post in itself). However, we decided to have breakfast at the buffet and then go be creepers and walk around our soon to be neighborhood and spy on our soon to be house. I didn’t take pics of the house though…because I didn’t want to look too crazy.


Mia wanted to go to the buffet…..she didn’t realize the buffet meant restaurant…and needless to say, she was pretty disappointed…haha


My plate. A bit heavy on the meat and carbs, but hey…it is vacation, right?


Mia went to the omelet station and had them make this beauty. Yep that is melted cheese and ham…no eggs. She was pretty pleased with her creation.


Ten thought her choice was pretty comical…haha


For the rest of the weekend, we pretty much just hung out (besides going to one swim class). Mia also got her very own pack of water balloons which you would have thought was the greatest thing in the world. I mean she was so happy just to sit outside and play with them. It kept her busy for well over an hour.


Playing with the balloons on our rooftop deck. You know, I really, truly will miss city life….like desperately so.


Hmmm…how many water balloons can I carry at once?


Ms. Boss


Me and Emi watching the fun. I am going on about -5 hours of sleep here…so so tired…and apparently Emi looks hungry since she is eating her hand.


Seriously cute


P.S. Here are a few pictures from hanging out at the park near our soon to be house and the library. They are from my phone, so a last minute addition here. Seriously, biggest photo post ever.







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