Emi is 2 months! :)

Dear Emi,

You are a whole two months old, and I can say that time is really flying. Now, you may be thinking…”what gives”….it is July and you are just now posting this! Well, the fact of the matter is that I would very much rather be cuddling up with you rather than typing this in the little bit of quiet time that we get together. Sorry!


….and just in case you were wondering…these pictures were indeed taken when you just turned two months.

You are such a talkative little girl. You will sit there and make baby noises to anyone who will listen along with giving a gigantic smile. One of our favorite parts of the day is when we go to your bed to get you up in the morning. You are just kicking and wiggling with a huge smile on your face.


Smiley and wiggly.

At two months, you are a strong little girl. You have already rolled over onto your back, and the doctor was so impressed with how well you can keep your head up and move around. If we lay you on the ground, you will scoot your little body in the opposite direction or just slide across the floor. Needless to say, no more hanging out on the couch for you!


Emi, you are getting so interested in the world around you, and it is just a joy to see you watching and taking everything in. When we go to tumbling with Mia, you are just so content to sit there and smile as you watch your big sister run and dance around. I also caught you playing and talking with our stuffed Simba the other day. Oh, we just cannot wait to see you experience more of this world.


…cute girl

Emi, thank you for being such a patient little girl. It is just the thing that we need in this family.





Mommy and Daddy and Mia





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