This post is purely for me. A minute to vent if you will. Here are just a few random things we have been up to:

  • I imagined that our summer days would be spent like this:

Mia a few days ago at Hippo Park.

…and while we have gotten to do a few fun things here and there, we are just plain and simple overscheduled. Our summer agenda goes like this: ballet, tumbling, soccer (2-3 times a week), music, and swimming. People, I do not say this to brag and be like….”Look at me! I’m ridiculously busy!” No, I say don’t be an idiot and spread yourself to thin….oh wait…forgot to mention Japanese summer camp is coming up too. This will require me to shuttle Mia back and forth from Grand Central 3 times a week while still doing the above classes. Oh yes, and I forgot to add in the unlimited play gym passes we received for free, 4 passes to another play gym, and 3 parties at yet another play gym (all for free). Yes, they are free, but I feel like I should use them if you know what I mean. So, anyway….don’t be dumb.


  • Moving on….I am restarting some simple work from home. I work for my alma mater doing some assistant work, or at least I did. I haven’t done anything for a full year, and it has been kind of great. Well, because I have had a problem saying no recently, I agreed to take on some summer work. I will probably have to stay up late after everyone goes to bed, but it shouldn’t last that long.
  • We are moving! It is like 99.9% certain. We are moving to a house, in another city, and in another state! Yes, that means we will have to make new friends, join new activities, etc. Where are we moving? Old Greenwich, CT. We have almost closed out the loan. Now, we are setting up appointments to renovate the house before we move, planning on buying a car, ordering new furniture, etc. It is a lot at the moment, and while I don’t want to fast forward through all of it….I am looking forward to being out of this little phase.
  • Mia is all signed up for preschool. We went to the interview yesterday and got the last spot. She had a complete breakdown, but the school administrator didn’t seem to mind. It was 12:30 with a toddler who was ready for a nap and hadn’t had lunch.
  • Can we all just have a moment of silence? Yes, for me. Sending Mia to a Japanese preschool is going to be TIME CONSUMING. I’m required to do A LOT, and label A LOT, and to make very healthy and wholesome lunches/snacks (no sandwiches according to the teacher), and to attend a billion events (and probably help with those events). My TYPE A personality is kind of like “HOORAY,” but with everything else going on…burnout is just kind of taking over.
  • Emi had a doctor’s appointment tonight at 7:30….sigh…I hate New York (not really, but OMG this is late). After that, I will be able to post her two month info.


Anyway, yeah that is all for now. Things are actually great. I have nothing to complain about…this I know. But, I would love a personal chef, assistant, decorator, driver, and housekeeper right now. Remember…Don’t. Be. Dumb.



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