Sports Day or Undokai

At the end of last month, Mia was able to attend her first Sport’s Day (or undōkai ) at a Japanese private school here in Manhattan. I have always been a bit stressed or sad about the fact that Mia would miss out on a lot of things that Japanese kids get to experience now that we live in the U.S. However, with a little bit of effort it looks like we can have the best of both worlds.

Anyway, we were invited to the event because of our involvement with the school’s summer camp this year. I got the invitation in an email and immediately sent in my RSVP. Mia didn’t need to attend all of the practice events due to the fact that she is only 2 so would only be participating in a few little games.


On the train. Excited and ready to go.

The event was held in the school on the second floor. Since we are in Manhattan and space is limited (like really, think shoe box), the kids were divided into different times for their age groups. Mia attended with the kinder students from 9-10:30.


Posing in front of the sign with the school’s name and the name of the event.

Emi and I sat this one out, so I received the following pictures from Ten on my cellphone while they were there. He also took maybe the cutest videos known to man. I mean seriously. Mia dancing with a group of kids to the Shimajiro theme song…I have never ever witnessed anything more adorable…besides maybe Skype conversations between my nephew (Seth) and Mia where they seriously speak in T-Rex tongue and run around in their respective houses….hilarious.


Standing with all of the regular students getting ready to dance. You can tell she is having a great time.

…and the photo dump continues….


Getting ready to participate in her very first race! The little girl in the picture will be her classmate for summer school. This was also in front of a large group of people, and Mia wasn’t shy in the least. Definitely takes after her dad.


Eating anpan that the kids got after the race was over. Mia didn’t even wait to sit down before she started eating. She just went for it…haha



Getting her medal after the race. She still loves to play with this at home and associates it with Shimajiro for whatever reason. Is it obvious that we have a big Shimajiro obsession going on here?


“I am THE champion.”


Throwing the bean bags in the basket. Seriously I wish I knew how to get this video from Ten as well because the intensity of Mia trying to throw them into the basket cannot be matched, and she was having a ball with this.



Chatting with some of the older kids during the break. She was actually supposed to be sitting with her age group, but she loves hanging out with older girls and boys.

Sport’s Day was a huge success! Mia and Ten had a great time. They went to Magnolia Bakery for a snack after, and she was non stop talking about Shimajiro for a week straight. She was also speaking loads of Japanese. After events like this, I am so confident in our decision for Mia’s pre-school education. We have decided to send her to Japanese pre-school from the ages of 2-5. After that, she will enter the US public school system, but for now we think that a Japanese cultural/language environment is what is best.

I cannot wait for both Mia and Emi (and future kids…keeping the door open you know) to take advantage of all of these fun events in the coming months and years!


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