Summer Program at Super Soccer Stars

We have been up to so much this past week that I’m not all to sure how to organize my posts. So, excuse me if this starts to get a bit rambly and makes no sense.

One of the things that we are trying this summer is soccer. There is a great program that runs in Central Park 7 days a week, twice a day. It is a gentle separation program meaning that parents are asked to sit on the sidelines and not interfere with the class. I will say that this has been amazing. I get a lot of JOY just sitting and watching Mia interact with other kids and adults. I also like it because I get to see exactly what is going on in the class. Basically, I have ZERO stress during this 40 minute practice session. Emi and I just sit back and drink tea and laugh hysterically. Well, Emi sleeps actually. Mia participates in class a good portion of the time and does really well, but she also spends a good amount of time running around and acting like T-Rex. I can tell the teachers get a little bit worn out chasing her around, but I really enjoy watching this little comedy unfold.

Anyway, here are a few snapshots of the soccer practices that we have been to. We signed up for 20 sessions, and we have already used 3 in just a week, so I’m very certain that we will be getting our money’s worth.


Mia had just kicked her ball into the goal and was looking for what she should be doing next.



Emi usually sleeps the entire morning while we are out at soccer and doing our playground runs. Here she was awake for just a few minutes when I laid her in the stroller to change Mia out of her dirty soccer clothes.


Here they are tapping their feet on the disks. Left and then right. You know maybe there is a real term for the drills that they do, but I definitely didn’t grow up around soccer so I have no idea! She does really well with this though.



Time to practice jumping up and down like they are blocking balls from entering the goal…I think…haha


Here all the kids are stretching at the end of one class. Good work boys….and Mia!


Kicking goals again. No hands Mia. They are still working with her to not use her hands during class, but we aren’t quite there yet. No big deal though.


Finally, all of the kids help pitch in and clean up all of the equipment. Isn’t it funny how much toddlers like cleaning up.

Anyway, that is a little recap of our soccer lessons over the past week. We really have a great time parking the stroller in the shade and just watching Mia play with the other kids. I also like that it is about a 30 block walk down there and back which gives me a little bit more exercise in the day.


We also get to soak in little pieces of the city. This street just made me smile. I still haven’t fallen head over heels in love with New York, but sometimes I get a little bit of a crush on her.

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