Mia at Age 2

Mia is at such a fun age. I wish I could put this age in a bottle, so in a few years I could relive it all over again. Here are a few things that we don’t want to forget about our darling baby girl.

Likes: Dinosaurs, the Bronx Zoo, Singing the Yo Gabba Gabba songs (especially “There’s a Party in My Tummy), Katy Perry (like she seriously loves Katy Perry. What’s strange is neither Ten nor myself really listen to her music!), playing outside, playing with Bubber,  Nemo (her word for clownfish), villains, princesses, mermaids, and building with blocks.

Dislikes: Sitting still (in her music classes, she is totally the kid running around and getting into everything), eating (oh how we do struggle with this….maybe if we fed her while she ran around…hmmm), going to bed, and brushing her teeth

Mia is also such a little chatterbox. Some of the funny things that she says are:

– Calling Dogs, Gods…this totally freaked out our company last night when she said, “I play with God.” True story.

– Calling Tigers, Giters…. these are really the only two words she says funnily.

– If you ask her what a bus sounds like she says, “Beep, pshh” Funniest thing and yet so accurate.

– She also tells people to “stop talking” or “stop play iPad” (glad she isn’t addicted to technology, yet), “stop sing mama” (after she asks me to sing). Generally a bossy little gal…haha

Mia also loves torturing her daddy. He will ask her for a kiss, and she will go on to give me a kiss, Emi a kiss, kiss her own hand, any stuffed animal nearby, and then take off running from Ten. She knows he is wrapped around her little finger, and she loves giving him a hard time about it.


Mia is also such a good helper. She loves helping. She cleans up her toys. She loves helping cook dinner, and her favorite chore is probably sweeping with daddy. When I try to sweep when Ten is at work, she says “stop sweep mama, Mia daddy sweep.” I usually don’t argue with that! haha.

We of course just love everything about her. We try to enjoy all of the days that we get to spend with her. She can be quite the handful, but we love it! I know that we are both looking forward to see how much more her personality unfolds this coming year.



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