Celebrating Mia’s 2nd Birthday

One of the best things that we did before having Emi was deciding NOT to throw Mia a second birthday party. Did she deserve one? Absolutely. Would it have been lots of fun? Of course. That being said, we had no idea when Emi would make her debut. We also didn’t want to stress out our family and add more to an already exhausting event (bringing home a new baby). So, I deleted any emails I had received about birthday promotions and avoided Pinterest like it was the plague. In the end, we had a nice little celebration at home. Next year Mia, I am sure you will get that party…or maybe a joint celebration at Disney?!

For Mia’s birthday, we were dead set on getting her a scooter. She has been scooter obsessed since last summer when she was just a year old. They are magical to her. So, we bought this Radio Flyer scooter with the appropriate safety gear. Yes, we make her wear elbow and knee pads as well.



The look on her face was priceless when Ten rolled out the scooter. She was excited. I mean terribly excited. It made my whole year seeing the look on her face!


Mia also got some other nice gifts from family members. Here is a pic of what Aunt Sarah sent. I absolutely love the piece of paper with our nephew’s signature scrawled on it. She got some dinosaur toys (she is so into dinosaurs right now) and the snowman from Frozen. Mia calls him “Happy Snowman” and dances around with him singing the “In Summer” song. Perfect!

Mia is also a big fan of evil villains. She loves princesses too, but she really relates to the evil characters in Disney. I. DO. NOT. KNOW. WHY. Anyway, so my mom saw this Ursula and knew that it would be the perfect gift. She loves her Ursula as well as the piggy bank.


We also got her this really cute princess watch for her. It took quite a bit of searching to find something that was waterproof, but we finally found it.

Finally, Mia got this princess tent. Perfect. Completely perfect. Thank you Uncle Dustin and Aunt Emily. It is as nearly as big as our floor space in our living room, but it has been set up for two weeks now and no sign of coming down. She loves it. Thank you everyone who sent her gifts. She also got several from friends and other relatives in the week that followed, but I don’t want to post individual pictures of everything she got. So, thank you all that sent her things. Sometimes we are so far from family that we miss out on those big birthday/holiday celebrations, so it meant a lot.



For decorations, we covered our apartment from top to bottom in Yo Gabba Gabba! She loves this show, so we were more than happy to stay up and turn our apartment into a YGG wonderland. I mean we are talking about a six-foot Muno poster on our bedroom door (and he is still there).

Confetti and party hats.

Mia absolutely adored the decorations. She wakes up every morning and tells all of the characters hi and when she leaves she tells them each bye. We hear “Bye Muno, bye DJ Lance.” So cute.
On the day of Mia’s birthday, we had Musical Tots. I was so looking forward to the teachers singing the special birthday song to her. She really enjoyed it. This is going to be our last semester of this class, and I think we will both really miss it.
After class and naps, we decided to get Mia a special lunch, so Ten went and grabbed her a Happy Meal. She doesn’t get these very often, and she really enjoyed the treat.

Yumm! Hmm, we need to figure out something to with that piece of hair.

Ten then took Mia out to practice riding on her scooter. If you are my Facebook friend, then you have seen some really cute and hardcore pictures of Mia on her scooter 😉

Ready to ride on her scooter.

Finally, we came home and enjoyed a birthday cupcake. We decided on the birthday cupcake from Crumbs. This cupcake was 800 calories! So, we all shared it. Also, Mia blew out her candle so fast that we let her do it a few more times. She really enjoyed her birthday from sunup to sundown.
P.S. Emi was indeed present, but she spent pretty much the whole day in bed since she was only 6 days old.


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