Easter 2014

Happy Belated Easter. You know, I honestly almost forgot about Easter. I had bought everything for the baskets in mid March, but it was actually Saturday night when I remembered (before I was heading to bed) that I needed to assemble the baskets and put them out for the girls. I will give myself a break on this one though considering I was discharged from the hospital just a week before. Anyway, we had a very low-key Easter. We were actually invited to a friend’s church service followed by a sushi buffet, but we couldn’t make it because Mia has swim lessons on Sundays. Yes, even Easter Sunday. Also, can I just say that sushi on Easter goes against every fiber of my West Virginian/Missouri upbringing. I’m sure it was lovely though, and we were thankful for the invitation.

Here are a few of the highlights from our very ordinary Easter celebration. On Saturday afternoon, we colored our Easter eggs. Mia obviously did a much better job now that she is a whole two years old (I have two posts coming on that very soon!). She didn’t have the urge to dump the dyes out on the floor which was nice. She did quite enjoy the sound of an egg crunching and clinking on the bottom of the coffee cups when she dropped them in though. We ended up having lots of multi-colored deviled eggs.


On Saturday night, we got everything ready for both Mia and Emi. We tried to scale down this year, but it still ended up being a lot. In our defense, not all of this was from us. Some of it came from my sister and mom as well. Also, my brother and his wife sent some books for Easter too! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of those since I got them a bit late in the mail.

Let’s see. Mia’s Basket: chocolate bunny, some new sand toys, lots of candy, sidewalk chalk, play dough, a toddler Bible, a book about Predators, some water shooting toys (dinosaur themed of course), a toddler Frisbee, and a Velcro catch game….oh yes, and a bubble blower. Most of the toys we got her were from Melissa and Doug.


We decided to arrange her toys in the tent she got for her birthday. She was so happy to see all of her new toys when she found them.

For Emi, I really kind of struggled with what to get her. At this point, she was only about a week old. The rational and reasonable part of my brain was telling me that she didn’t really need anything at all. However, my mama brain was telling me that she did. In the end, I made her a small basket for her first Easter.

An outfit and some new rattles from Nana, two very cute high contrast books (Mia loves reading these to Emi), and these cute Lamaze flowers that light up and play music. We love Lamaze toys for babies around here.


All ready for Emi’s first Easter!

We decided to do a little trail of plastic eggs from the bedroom to Mia’s tent. This served as our Easter Egg Hunt. We weren’t really sure if we were going to be able to do everything that we wanted to do with swim class right in the middle of the morning, and really this worked just as well.

Yay! I found my Easter basket.

Mia had been saying or rather shouting “Easter Bunny Coming!” all week. So, what was her favorite part of Easter? The chocolate bunny of course. The chocolate bunny who had ears that came up to her waist. Oh yes, and a plastic T-Rex.

This poor bunny was pretty much destroyed in 20 minutes. Mia made a good attempt at rotting her teeth with this guy, but he eventually made his way into the trash before she could put herself into a sugar coma.

Emi was quite content to chew on her fingers after looking through her basket. Also, yes we are in our pajamas. Our apartment is just too small to hide gifts and then give them once everyone is presentable. So, we just have to do them first thing when we wake up.

Yes, this cute girl definitely needed an Easter basket.


Checking out our new books. I highly recommend these black and white books to anyone with infants. Mia loves looking at them too, but I wouldn’t buy them for a toddler.

Finally, the mandatory pics of our Easter dinner. I guess they aren’t really mandatory, but I will share with you our dinner. Since we were trying to get our apartment together after bringing Emi home and celebrating Mia’s birthday, we wanted to have a really easy but somewhat traditional dinner. Ten had the brilliant (you could even say genius) idea, to crockpot our ham. At first I was like, you can’t crockpot a holiday dinner….and then I was like…why can’t you. So, he found this great recipe. We put in our spiral ham, added a can of ginger ale, dumped in some pineapple pieces, and put the glaze packet seasoning on top. Two hours later we had this really nice salty/sweet combo, and the ham was so juicy. I’m thinking I will never slave away over a hot oven again for Easter!

Anyway, back to the photos.

Mia sat down and said “Gobble, gobble.” We were like, yes…gobble, gobble! We were willing to call that ham whatever it took to get her to eat some of it. Seriously though, she looks so happy here. It definitely made me a believer in celebrations and family dinners. Good for the soul.

So, what did we have? The awesome ham, deviled eggs, baked beans, green bean casserole, and a chopped salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, olive oil, salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar).

After lunch and naps, we decided to head outside and enjoy the weather. We had intended to hunt eggs, but we ended up trying to play with our new Easter toys. In all reality, we actually just sat there and watched Mia make up her own games with sticks and grass. Seriously, why do we as a society even bother with toys? I mean I know that she will play with what we got her, but she was equally happy to play with her own creations.



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