Emi is here :)

We have been home for just about two weeks now, and things are finally settling down enough that I can post about our newest addition. This birth story is relatively short, but I will try to include as many of the details as possible.

On April 10th (the day after my due date), Ten decided to work from home because we thought that something could possibly happen. Well, the morning passed by pretty uneventfully, and I decided to lay down and take a nap with Mia. I woke up about an hour later and felt the tiniest of contractions. Three minutes later another one came along. I decided to hop in the bathtub to see if they would go away or to see if they were the real deal. Half an hour later, they were still coming at about every 3 minutes. At this point, they were getting more intense as well. We decided to contact my doula as well as my doctor. By this point, I had been having contractions for about an hour and everyone decided that I should go to the hospital. Just about at that time, they became super intense. Ten ran down to the front desk and they called a car for us. Approximately half an hour later, we arrived at the hospital.

I hopped out of the car and told Ten that I was going up to L&D while he paid for the taxi and took care of Mia. She was such a trooper the whole time. I hurried up to L&D and by this time was in quite a bit of pain. The staff asked me to fill out some paperwork, but I flat-out refused….I mean it was impossible. They quickly ushered me to a delivery room and skipped triage completely. You know I was very relieved by this because at my hospital Triage is a shared room. Talk about a possibly awkward and uncomfortable situation!

As soon as I stepped into the room, my water broke and my doula walked in. She was like an angel I tell you. The doctor said that I was at a six. In my mind, I was thinking this can’t be right! I feel like I’m going to push this baby out any minute now. They spent a bit of time hooking me up to antibiotics because of me testing positive for GBS and then asked if I would like an epidural. I totally got one. I was in much more pain than when I had Mia. After two tries (thanks resident), they got my epidural in and working….oh sweet relief. The nurses left the room, and at that time I told my doula that I was experiencing so much pressure and that I needed to push. She immediately told the nurses. They came back in and noticed that Emi seemed to be in distress and her heart rate was dropping. This caused them to throw an oxygen mask on me and roll me on my side while calling the doctor to come back in immediately. I felt oddly calm at this point and was confident that everything was fine.

My doctor rushed back in the room, he quickly checked me and said that in fact everything was fine. I was just progressing so quickly that the baby was on her way out! They immediately took off the mask and told me to push. Literally five minutes later, Emi Elizabeth entered the world. It was 4:32 pm. She weighed 7 lbs 14 oz. My labor lasted a grand total of 2 hours and 45 minutes! In fact, Ten had taken Mia home to get something to eat and was waiting on a friend to come and watch her so he could come back to the hospital. Needless to say, he didn’t quite make it back in time….haha.

photo 3 (8)

Baby Emi shortly after being born. My lovely doula snapped this pic.

photo 1 (2)  

photo 4 (10)

Ten came up to the delivery room shortly after she was born. Here is daddy meeting his newest daughter. Needless to say, he is completely in love.

 Two days later we were both discharged from the hospital. We had to stay the whole 48 hours because of my GBS status. I will admit it was a long two days. Hospitals are by far the absolute worst place to rest. FYI Upper East Side hospitals give you tons of swag when you deliver at their facilities. We received a Ralph Lauren onsie, a full birthday cake to celebrate, a super soft aiden + anais blanket, a newspaper nicely wrapped and dated with Emi’s birthday, two picture frames, and more. I hear that this isn’t standard throughout NYC and mainly happens at places like Mt. Sinai where we gave birth at. While all of that was nice, it was pretty unnecessary…just my opinion.  Emi has adjusted perfectly to life in her new home. She is such an alert baby and so far proves to be a great sleeper. She wakes up for longer stretches in the afternoon, and only wakes up twice at night. She is also a good eater. At her first check up, just two days after we came home, she already weighed over 8 lbs!

4-21-2014 002

Happy to be in her new home! Not sure who she looks like, but I can definitely tell that she is Mia’s sister.

The biggest question that I get everywhere I go is about Mia. “How is Mia handling having a new sister?” Perfectly. She just completely accepted the idea from the minute that she met Emi. Unfortunately, the photo of all of us at the hospital is on our iPad, so you can’t see when they first met. However, she tells Emi bless you every time she lets out a little newborn sneeze. When Emi cries, she says uh-oh Emi and makes sure that we go and pick her up. She also said that Emi should go to the Bronx Zoo with her. They are already best friends.

4-21-2014 009

Mia and Emi doing tummy time. Mia insists that they do it together.

So, there we are. We are all set to enjoy having another little girl in our family.    

2 thoughts on “Emi is here :)

  1. Beautiful!!
    I’m so glad you and Emi are doing good. Mia and Ten look so happy too!!
    Take care and let me know what you’d like from Japan.
    I have yet to send a birthday present to Mia too… Will be working on that this Golden Week♡

    • Thanks! Also, don’t worry about it! You always do so much, and I never have my act together enough to return the gesture :/ That’s too bad you are working over Golden Week. TMS isn’t closed any of those days??

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