What’s been going on around here

We have just come out of spring break and are now back on our normal schedule. Spring break was rough. Mia and I came down with a really nasty stomach bug for the first week, and Ten had really low blood pressure (which we think was because of too much Vitamin E). So, by week 2 we all just wanted to rest and recuperate. We did throw in some park visits, trips to the history museum, and a friend’s birthday party though. It wasn’t all laziness.

Here are some of the other things that we have been up to around here. Sorry for the lack of pictures, but toting around my camera hasn’t been the hugest priority right  now.

  • My due date is fast approaching, and I’m thinking this labor thing will just hit all at once.


  • We have been pickle making crazies. Well, I guess I should say I have been. We seriously go through at least 3 jars of pickles a week, and pickles ain’t cheap in these parts. We are talking $2.50 (minimum) for a small jar. We also refuse to eat any pickles that have artificial coloring in them…seriously, why do most pickles look like they could grow in the dark? So, I told Ten that I would start making our own. I think he was skeptical at first, but I’ve been so on top of it…and not to mention that they taste really good…that he has been bringing me lots of organic cucumbers so that we are never low. I will have to show off my beautiful pickles in a future post.


  • We are contemplating summer plans around these parts. We are kind of faced with a bit of a dilemma. Mia’s art, music, and gym classes end June 1. We are signed up for swimming until July 1, and Japanese summer camp starts July 14. It doesn’t give us a whole lot of time to  squeeze in a trip. We have maybe a two week window, but we are thinking of skipping out on a few swimming lessons and taking a month long vacation!! It is still in the works, but this is something we think would be great for lots of people, not just ourselves. Oh, also our lease is up in August which means we will be in a mad hunt to find some place to live, or be faced with paying a rent increase to stay where we are.


  • In the meantime, we are gearing up for Mia’s “preschool” lessons at home. Her birthday falls in a weird spot, so she just barely misses the cut off for Japanese preschools. We don’t really mind, since we think she would be too young anyway, but we don’t just want her randomly playing all day. So, we are gearing up to use a few different programs with her over this summer. We are going to start Before Five in a Row. This is such a fun program, and when we tested out a few books, she learned so much! It takes a lot of planning on my part, so we plan to do these books for two weeks out of the month. For the other two weeks, we will be using the Sonlight Preschool Curriculum. It requires almost no planning on my part, so it will make things very manageable the first few weeks with a newborn. Both of these programs are literature based, which Mia LOVES!! I will also be using weekly activities from Slow and Steady Get Me Ready (for Mia and Emi) as well as the Preschoolers Busy Book. These are really simple activities that also won’t take much time. Finally, I think we are going to get the Timberdoodle Curriculum. This actually includes some workbook activities, and Mia isn’t too fond of these actually, but I know introducing it a little bit at a time will help her attention span and skills grow in these areas. I do promise that though this sounds like a lot for an almost two year old, it is mostly fun stuff. I’m hoping to post what we do regularly, since I would love to save these memories for both girls! It will just be mainly lots of intentional play time with some “coloring” activities mixed in.


  • I have a giant collection of books on my Kindle that I am slowly working through. I’m actually proud to say slowly working through. Lots of these books have study questions in them or points to think about, and I’ve actually been reading the chapters slowly and writing down my thoughts to these answers. I also intend to share the books I’ve been reading once I’ve actually finished them, but I’m not rushing. I’m making my time meaningful. If I catch myself rushing, I set the book down and come back to it at a later time.


  • The missionaries came back to visit me about a week ago. I had to rush them out of here because I was actually leaving, but I was just contemplating the whole Mormon thing again, and there they were. A sign maybe? It is also General Conference weekend which is kind of exciting. I love the messages from General Conference. Even if you aren’t Mormon (which we aren’t), the messages are pretty amazing. While I won’t watch them live, I will view the archived videos this week once they are up.


  • Finally, this weekend we are going to try to get a few things accomplished. We want to decorate for Easter, set up a few baby things, and organize the apartment. What I love about this list though is that we aren’t too concerned about the amount that we get done. Instead we will mainly focus on enjoying the nice weather and then squeezing in what we can here and there. Actually, as I’m typing, Ten and Mia just made an impromptu trip to the Central Park Zoo. If he is able to snap any pictures while chasing her around, I will be sure to post them.

P.S. Ten snuck off to the gym yesterday to watch the Yankees’ game. I was totally jealous, but I got to spend some quiet time reading. Anyway, it’s baseball season, maybe the best season of the year!

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