Weekend: Park Time and Doctor Update

Oh weekend, you really had us on a rollercoaster ride. It was such a mixed bag of really good and not so good. I don’t want to say bad, but definitely a few frustrating moments. On Friday morning, I woke up feeling exhausted. Over the next hour, I just felt like I was getting more and more tired, so I decided to call it what it was and see if it would be possible to stay home. I asked Mia if she wanted to go to her Art class, and she responded with a very serious face and a loud “No.” This isn’t really typical of her. When she hears “art class,” she usually runs towards the door yelling “YEEESSS” or “PAY” which is Mia speak for play. I was completely grateful that she was not going to mind me taking a much-needed break, so I made the ultimate parenting mistake. Me and Mia crawled into bed and ate chocolate chip cookies while watching Frozen on the iPad. We didn’t make it through the entire movie, but we made a good amount of progress, and then played some games and watched alligator videos on Youtube. She also loves all predatory animals. A firecracker she is.


Do you see the problem here? I had a really happy girl on my hands, but when it came to nap time (what I needed most), she was not cooperating. She wasn’t tired. We hadn’t done anything all morning long. So, we struggled with it for an hour!! Still no nap, so we played until 1:30. Finally, she went to sleep, and I had to get ready for my doctor’s appointment. So, no rest for me. Next time, I will drag myself out of the apartment to make sure we get out all of our energy!

Anyway, fast forwarding to my appointment. I was expecting no problems since we have made it past the hard part. However, I was then told that I had tested positive for Group B Strep! Not a huge problem in itself, but it does pose some difficulties. We are now looking at a possible induction, a NICU stay for the baby, and I will be on antibiotics during labor. Sigh. Ten and I are currently working with my doula to find the best plan of action for all involved. It was disappointing news really.

Saturday came and Ten woke up exhausted and sick feeling. He was light-headed and just really not feeling well. He rested a lot, and we met with my doula. The weather was really nice that day though, so we took advantage of it and made a trip to the park. I am so happy that it is almost park weather, and Mia is too. She wakes up every morning asking if she can go see the hippos (talking about the hippo statues at the park). We did have a great time.




Sunday was also a near perfect day. We went to Metro Diner and had pancakes and quesadillas and after played in the park until it was time to go to Mia’s swimming class. Everything was going so well, and then Mia puked all over me at dinner time. Ten had to stay up all  night with her. I guess I really couldn’t ask for a better dad for her. In fact, I know I couldn’t. Sometimes our parenting styles conflict, but he is the perfect dad for her. Also, I was able to sleep…so big husband points there too.

Like I said, definitely not a perfect weekend but I guess you could say a rather typical one. Good and bad.

One thought on “Weekend: Park Time and Doctor Update

  1. Hope you are all doing better this week…
    Take care and let me know if there’s anything you want from Japan♡

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