Why the new blog?

Welcome to my new blog! I’m much happier at my new little space, and I hope that you will be too. For the past few months, my interest in blogging has been close to zero. It wasn’t because I no longer wanted to share and document everything that has been going on with us. It was actually more to do with the fact that I had simply outgrown my old blog. In all honesty, I absolutely despise the layout, the background, and the About Me. All of it was outdated and just getting hard to maintain. So, I was blogging very sporadically, and then not at all.

In February, I officially decided that I was too busy to blog and wouldn’t touch mine until things had settled down. Here we are in March, and things have not really settled down, but I miss blogging. I miss that it helps me clear my head and records all of the great memories that we are making. I don’t want to give those things up so easily.

So, what is different about my new blog? Well for one, you can see that we are going for a much more minimalist approach to the layout. No more crazy background, no more pictures of family. I would have to be constantly updating these things to keep them as an authentic representation of our family, and that is just not something that I want to spend my time on. You may also notice the name change. Well, we are far from Tokyo right now, and you never can tell how long we will be here in New York, so I decided to get rid of anything that had a location in it. More updating that I just don’t want to hassle with.

I’ve also committed to working on my blog every day. This may or may not happen, but I am definitely going to try. This doesn’t mean a post will come every day though. I know I don’t have the time for that, but I do have the time to sit down for 15 minutes to proofread (I never did that before), to work on a well thought out post, or to respond to comments. These are all things that I want to do to make sure that I’m creating quality posts that we can look back on and enjoy.

However, I also want to use this space to keep myself accountable when it comes to different things. I want to make sure that we are living simply, frugally, sustainably, health consciously, and intentionally. I find that I can do these things better when I sit down and type up my successes and failures. So, while that may not be a huge part of my blog, I do want to incorporate some of that here.

I guess I should also post what I don’t want to blog about or things that I don’t want to be expected to blog about. First, I won’t blog on any set schedule. I won’t post every single day. I won’t have themed days. I love people’s posts about their Menu Mondays or random things on Fridays, etc. However, these just aren’t for me. I may not always have the energy to share or the time or the content in all honesty.

I also can’t blog about things that aren’t directly related to me. I’ll have to leave out a lot about Ten’s work for instance or the people that we have playdates with or the stories of family members. Really these aren’t things that are mine to share.

Finally, the bad. I’ve kind of debated this. Should I air out our dirty laundry? I guess I don’t see the point. If we have an argument or our kids struggle with something, there isn’t a whole lot of sense to document it here. These problems are easily overcome in private, so I don’t see much sense in keep a record of it. I don’t think its sensible to be able to refer to every argument that Ten and I have. It would just be a bad reminder of something that is long gone and over with. So, please don’t think we are perfect, but I’m just choosing not to share all of the minor problems that we face as a normal family/married couple.

Oh, and I’ve also moved to WordPress. Once again, it just seems like a better fit for me right now. I find it easier to navigate.

So, there you have it. I’m really excited about my new blogging home. Thank you for tagging along!

6 thoughts on “Why the new blog?

  1. Hey there!!
    As long as you are happy with the new site(^^)v
    Please do pop by mine on Blogger once in a while though!! Mind you, I haven’t update anything recently… sigh…
    Take care and will look forward to this new blog!!

    • Oh I still read your blog every time you publish one. I’m hoping to get much better at actually commenting on them though. You are always going to a concert or doing some type of physio! Busy gal. BTW….have you ever heard of Amazing Grace? It is a lotion/body wash company that smells sooo good. You know US ones are too smelly, but this one is so subtle and nice…anyway, I should totally text you about this.

  2. Ashley, it is so awesome to see that you are happy. I can’t believe you are living in Japan. That explains why I had a hard time locating you when I wondered how you were doing. Hope all is well. Just wanted to say hello.

    • Hey Missy! Yeah, we lived in Japan for about 6 years, but we are now living in NYC. We moved here like a year and a half ago. Though really, I think we still do miss living in Japan! It seems like you are always super busy by your FB posts…haha. Hope you are doing well too!!

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